The Incredible Value of
Hardman Peck Vertical and Grand Pianos

• Hardman Peck was the official piano of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt White House

• Hardman Peck was also the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City in the early part of the 20th century

• Top-of-the-line features – almost the same feature set as on grand pianos selling for 200% to 300% more

• The Hardman Peck Petite Grand gives the visual impression of a full size piano – not a “toy look” of the “Asian name-brand” grands

• The width of outer rim of the Concerto Grand is a full ½” thicker than a top-selling Japanese brand piano

• The Hardman Peck grand has a European look with Steinway-style spade legs but with large 2 ¼” wide casters

• The Hardman Peck grand has a wonderfully light, fast action

• Hardman Peck uses German felts for the hammers – for a rich, mellow European tone – not a bright tone like Yamaha and other Asian pianos

• Hardman Peck grands feature two lid props – other entry level grands have only 1 lid prop (for example – Samick)

• Hardman Peck grand pianos looks rich with a nice beveled edge on the lid – all other entry priced brands have no bevel on the lid

• Distinguished use of black felt on top of keys and iron plate, not “Christmas looking” colors like the blue, red, and green found on most other brands

• Hardman Peck tuning pins aren’t overly tight – easy for technician to tune yet provide very stable tunings

• The rim frame even on the Petite model has 3 good size posts – a design feature not found on entry level grand pianos

• All Hardman Peck grands feature a sostenuto pedal – a design feature not found on entry level grand pianos

• Hardman Peck pianos are priced to provide customers with the most piano value for the money